Cross Country

Producing timely and accurate results for the sport of Cross Country has always been challenging. With so many athletes in a race, the ability to identify competitors accurately and rapidly, to provide accurate times and finish order, and to link every athlete with their respective finish times, has historically seemed beyond the scope of any single technology. IPICO Sports in cooperation with Lynx System Developers solved this inherent problem by seamlessly linking a triad of products: IPICO Sports system, EtherLynx Photo Finish, and IdentiLynx Full-Frame Video. IPICO Sports Cross Country timing system has consistently stood above the rest and can handle all sorts of variable weather conditions that are common with the great sport of Cross Country.

Please contact us if you’d like more information on our Cross Country Starter Package that will give you all the equipment you need to start timing a Cross Country event.

Variables to consider:

  • Number of participants.
  • Minimum requirements with finish line based on the type of event.
Cross Country
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