Multisport Tag

The Multisport Tag integrates with the IPICO Sports timing platform to offer extreme flexibility in terms of tag positioning and outstanding read range combined with the protection of a robust, water-proof casing made to withstand the most demanding conditions in running, multisport and cycling events.

Product Code: IP 3498

Key Features

  • Low cost single chip solution
  • Compliant with USA, European, Australian and RSA spectrum allocations
  • Dual frequency (Transmit 125 kHz/Receive 6.8 MHz)
  • Long read range – 0.6 m (can be more depending on reader/tag configuration)
  • Robust anti-collision protocol (up to 120 tags read simultaneouslv)
  • Fast moving tags (10 m/sec) can reliably be read using the Elite or Lite readers
  • Factory programmed 64 bit 10 number
  • High tag transmission rate (1.28 kbits/sec)
  • High tag read rate- up to 120 tags/sec
  • Passive – no battery
  • –40 to +85 Q: temperature range
  • Two slots for ankle strap
  • 35×20 mm area to place race number label
  • Waterproof
  • High gain antenna
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