Elite Reader

Item Specification
Power requirements 12 V DC, 6 A max
Internal battery 17 A-h, gives 3 to 4 hours of use
Antenna type 2×2.5 m loops, 4 turns for TX, 1 turn for RX; 2 loops can be connected
Transmit power 62 dBuA/m @ 10 m on axis of one antenna (this is within ETSI EN300–330 limit)
Operating frequencies 125–127 kHz transmit; 6.8 MHz receive tag signal
Real Time Clock Time set by PC application and RS232 connection to reader
Communications USB Serial for diagnostics & setup, Ethernet data output
Auto-tuning Operates on switch-on; can be invoked manually by push-button on front panel
Controls ON switch, Auto-tune push-button, Synch push-button (inserts digital marker into data stream)
Indicators Tuning LED (Green–Yellow–Red) LED indicating “good” – “medium” – “bad” for each transmit output
Battery voltage level LED (Green–Yellow–Red), indicating “high” – “medium” – “low” charge states
Valid ID received & sent; Reader ready status
LAN (Ethernet) activity
Module power
CPU heartbeat
Reciever data received
Data output Continuous flow of tag IDs as they are read, with time stamps
First-seen / Last-seen tag output with time stamps
First-seen / Last-seen tag output in XML with time stamps
Maintenance / Diagnostic data output
Performance Read range: 1.3 m using STK tag (57×46×1.8 mm laminated); 1.5 m using ISO size DF tag
Max tag speed: 10 m/sec using STK tags
Physical 285×325×370 mm box with Double Throw latches
Weight: 24.0 kg without antennas
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