5 Meter Mat

Item Specification
Power requirements None – 6.8 MHz return signal amplifier is powered by the reader via the coaxial cable
Physical size Blue mat: 5.0 m x 1.20 m
Material Blue “Safe & Soft” fabric by AKO
Operating frequencies 125 kHz transmit; 6.8 MHz receive tag signal
Loop detail 4 turns for TX, 1 turn for RX
Electrical connections 125 kHz tag power-up: 3-core cable & Hirschmann ST Series 3-way connector; 6.8 MHz tag return signal: RG58 coaxial cable & BNC connector
Auto-tuning Antenna TX loop has a built-in tuning capacitor. Refined tuning is effected automatically by the selection of additional capacitors within the Reader; Antenna RX loop is tuned by a fixed filter circuit
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