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July Timer of the Month: Bart Muylle
MyTime began as a group of friends pooling timing equipment for events they were organising all across New Zealand, but today it has grown into one of the largest full service timing teams with around 140 events per season. From Road Races to Cycling, Kayaking and SUP Bart Muylle and his team do it all! Read on to get insight on how Bart sets up his races and why he loves his job! Q: Tell us a little about MyTime. A: Back in 2006 we were helping to organise a few events around NZ and that season we did results manually including for some triathlons. Needless to say, that was pretty painful and we found it a huge challenge to get results up online quickly for the participants to check. Not wanting a repeat, we [ ... read more ]
Introducing the TUHF Reader
    Jerry Riebling of River City Race Management, a long-time, loyal ACTIVE | IPICO timer, loves the work he does. For many years he has built his business on the gold-standard accuracy that IPICO timing provides. In recent years, the landscape of endurance race timing events has changes and Jerry has found it difficult to compete on pricing for smaller, local road races.  As Jerry works to diversify and grow his event portfolio, he explained to Matt, his Account Manager, that he needed a timing solutions designed specifically for the needs of smaller road races. Enter, TUHF™.   TUHF™ is the solution for timers just like Jerry. TUHF™ provides the reliability and service our timers have [ ... read more ]
5 things timers love
Timers get a lot of – well, let’s be honest – dumb questions during race day. And while our preferred response to most of these questions would bring in some pretty great reactions from participants, we know we’re part of the event and have to represent the event to the highest standard. So to help you relieve some stress, we compiled the top 5 things we “love” and our dream responses, dripping in sarcasm.   1. Registering Minutes Before the Start of the Race I know the race starts at 8 a.m. and the website and all the emails that were sent said to please be checked in by 7:45 a.m., but yes, we can totally make an exception for you at 7:58 a.m. We know how important it is that you stopped [ ... read more ]
24/7 Support for IPICO Timers
Now we are able to offer timer support no matter the time of day.   The addition of 24/7 support was made based on feedback provided by IPICO users. Since IPICO became part of the ACTIVE Network family, we have continued to grow support resources for IPICO hardware users. Earlier this year we announced the addition of a support portal for our customers In addition to 24/7 phone support, IPICO timers have access to ACTIVE’s secure Customer Portal, discussion forums, and online training materials.  This portal is the best place to find answers to hardware questions and to submit support cases and track service requests.  We know timers and event organizers often work around the clock to make their [ ... read more ]
Registration Now Open for the 2016 ACTIVE Network | IPICO Users Summit
Conference to Outline Innovations and ACTIVE’s Emerging Technologies at the Forefront of the Timing Industry     Dallas – Dec. 17, 2015 – ACTIVE Network®, the premier global marketplace for activities and events and the industry’s leading provider of data solutions, today announced that registration is now open for the 2016 ACTIVE Network | IPICO Users Summit. The conference takes place Jan. 27-28, 2016, in Las Vegas. The theme of this year’s annual summit is “It’s About Time.” The conference will outline and celebrate forward strides in the event timing industry and provide a look ahead at emerging ideas and technologies for ACTIVE Network | IPICO users. The summit will include [ ... read more ]
The Differences in Dual Frequency, Ultra High Frequency and Low Frequency RFID Technologies
Contemplating becoming a chip timer?  Among other considerations, you may want to research the benefits of different RFID timing systems.  Investing time in understanding the various RFID technologies will help ensure you choose the right system for the types of events you are aiming to time and score.     RFID Technology Overview Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology allows events to capture event participant times by linking each participant to a transponder (timing chip) with a unique code and using radio waves to communicate between the timing chips and mats or antennas located along a race course. Producing timely and accurate results in a race environment is often a challenge. [ ... read more ]
  Scoring a World Marathon Major event may be the pinnacle of achievements held by only a handful of event timers. Japanese timing company R-bies Corporation has used IPICO timing hardware for nine years and has been timing the Tokyo Marathon with this technology since 2011.  Continuously striving for perfection, R-bies triumphed in 2015 with only two missed tags in a field of over 35,000 runners.     Click below for a technical analysis of the timing hardware, manpower, and read statistics for the 2015 Tokyo Marathon.  Tokyo Marathon whitepaper   [ ... read more ]
       In our last post, we highlighted how Race Timer, Greg Stuart of Stuart Road Racing built his amazing timing career. We also spoke to him about his favorite timing hardware and Stuart revealed to us that even though he started out with IPICO’s Elite Reader, he’s much more comfortable with the Super Elite Reader. Read our interview to find out what he likes best about the new Super Elite Reader! IPICO: Why did you decide to purchase the Super Elite Reader? Stuart: I had one event that was going to require three separate chip-timed finish lines.  It was a canoe race with three different distances – recreational, competitive canoe & kayak and a biathlon canoe & run.  IPICO: [ ... read more ]
      Greg Stuart’s passion for racing is evident by his treasure trove of fun stories as a race timer. His foray into timing started in 1970 with the purchase of his very first stopwatch. “I still have the stopwatch which is now an antique!” says Stuart. But his career really took off in 1999 when his eldest daughter joined her high school’s cross country track team. “I started helping with splits and timing meets,” he explained.      Nowadays, he is equally busy timing 5Ks, cross country meets and track meets. Stuart’s enthusiasm for racing came from his own background as a runner. “I love all running events. I’m a life-long runner. I have a long distance [ ... read more ]
Enhance Your Race with Custom Shoe Tags

IPICO timers are closely working with event directors to produce a heightened experience for race participants and sponsors using custom shoe tags.

Click the image below to see some great examples.

enhance your race with custom shoe tags_2

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