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2014 IPICO Sports Users Conference
The 2014 IPICO Sports Users Conference at the Tuscany Suites in Las Vegas, NV was a HUGE success. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘grow’. Not only did IPICO Sports continue its tremendous growth as a leading global timing company but our conference grew to record numbers, our global timer base grew throughout the year, and most importantly our timers themselves grew their own businesses. The 2014 IPICO Sports Users Conference allowed our users to learn more technical aspects of the superior technology that they have at their finger tips. It also allowed them to interact and learn from some of the biggest and best timers on the planet. “It’s my first time to attend the IPICO conference and [ ... read more ]
A-PASS! for Aerobic Running
The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (PCFSN) launched the Presidential Youth Fitness Program back in September 2012 and replaced the President’s Council Youth Fitness Test of the past with FITNESSGRAM®. This was more than just changing the tests; it changed the meaning of the testing. Testing is no longer to be by percentile scores but now it is about being in the “healthy fitness zone.” Testing now assesses the fitness level of American youth, which is associated with health, rather than performance. One of the most important measures of fitness is aerobic capacity. VO2max measured during a stress tests is the criterion measure of aerobic capacity, but obviously it is impractical [ ... read more ]
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