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New Updates to ACTIVE Timing (and a webinar)
New Updates to ACTIVE Timing (and a webinar) ACTIVE Timing V1.7.6 now brings you even quicker race timing setup and a powerful result calculation system for¬†triathlon events! In this release, ACTIVE Timing has been completely redesigned for timers to manage readers, race layout, and results, and monitor participants during the race. Our updates include: New reader management page Manage and review all your readers collectively from the convenience of one screen. Also. with V1.7.6, you can provide independent decoding function for Lite, Elite, or Super Elite readers. Visual and usability enhancements to race layout configuration- Support multisport event timing: swimming, cycling, and running.   Group [ ... read more ]
How One Race Grew to over 20,000 registrations and became an influencer
In case you missed the article in Endurance Sportswire this morning, Nicolas Stevens, our Senior Product Manager offered some awesome insight into how races become influencers. Below is a quick preview, for the full article visit Endurance Sportswire Take a look at the races and brands that inspire you, whether on social media, blogs, forums or simply industry chatter. What is it about these races and brands that has you paying such close attention? They are influencers. An influencer is a brand or a race making waves through innovation and proven results in their industry. You can tell which brands are influencers by the size of their following. What is their rate of recurring registrations? Do they have a [ ... read more ]
Brighton Marathon Weekend: A Timer’s Dream
It's always exciting when you get to experiment with new racing technologies and test just how far your equipment can go. For many timers, it's this love of technology and sports that drives them to become a race timer in the first place. Earlier this year when ACTIVE was given the opportunity to work with the Brighton Marathon weekend and HS Sport, we jumped at the opportunity to see just how far this collaboration could push the technology, and we were not disappointed. As the second largest marathon in the UK, behind the world-renowned London Marathon,  Brighton Marathon Weekend organizers are laser-focused on innovation and enhancing the event experience. In the past, it was a challenge to successfully convince [ ... read more ]
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