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Timer of the Month: Eliecer Adames with Timing Co.
This month we sat down to talk with Eliecer Adames from Timing Co. in the Dominican Republic to learn more about what gets him up in the morning and how his IPICO hardware has helped to build his business.   Tell us a little about your favorite event that you put on? Last year was a big growth year for us, we were given the opportunity to time a 10k race with over 3,500 participants. We were so honored because it was the biggest race in the country! We were excited to be trusted with this challenge; but at the same time, this was our biggest race yet and we were frightened by the task of setting up readers for such a large amount of runners. The IPICO team was invaluable, they gave great and timely advice. [ ... read more ]
The Complete Timing Solution Race Timers Have Been Waiting For
Ease-of-use. Streamlined processes. Real-time reporting. These are key things that timers are looking for when they are evaluating different timing software options. ACTIVE Timing is the answer to your event timing needs. As a complimentary offering with IPICO hardware, ACTIVE Timing is built for activities both large and small. It acts as the primary scoring application, automatically highlighting discrepancies and detecting potential errors, it even integrates with ACTIVEWorks Endurance Registration—simplifying the process of uploading participant data for event organizers. Additionally, ACTIVE Timing offers expanded support for triathlon and lapped events, making it the complete solution event timers have been [ ... read more ]
UHF Best Practices
Frequency matters when it comes to timing. While the basic principles of race timing will stay the same, there are differences in how you prepare for a race with ACTIVE | IPICO Dual Frequency technology, and how you prepare for a race using UHF RFID race timing systems.   Whether you are a new race timer, or an old-timer timer, there are steps you can take to ensure the accuracy of your reads and refresh your memory. Based on successful events with our TUHF reader, we have compiled this list of Best Practices.  Preserve your investment and get tips on: Software specifically designed for UHF readers Common UHF mistakes and how to avoid them Assembly and transport of RFID tags and equipment to ensure [ ... read more ]
“What’s my time?” Chip vs Gun
Every four years, the world unites in a celebration of unity through diversity and a show of unprecedented athletic ability. In 2012, the games kicked off in a new way: with a starting pistol. As a race timer, the concept of a starting pistol is nothing new to you; after all, gun timing has been the standard for world record times for many years. However, with the development of RFID timing systems, timers typically set up a gun start as well as chip timing for ease of use and accuracy. To those just getting into timing, there are two types of timing commonly used in endurance events: Chip timing (which IPICO technology uses) and gun timing. It's important to understand the difference in the two because, depending [ ... read more ]
Cool Tip to Grow Revenue
As a Race Timer, you are always looking for new services that you can offer your customers. That's a key part of your business strategy. After all, next to your expertise your services are what make you stand out from the pack! One area that you may not have looked to as a potential revenue generating opportunity is your Bib offerings. With ACTIVE | IPICO we offer custom bib options. Whether you are timing a Turkey Trot, a Triathlon, or an experiential race, we have a bib offering that is sure to impress. When pitching to your customers, here are some unique ways they can use your custom bibs Organization: No matter the size of your race, race day logistics are a major hassle. Custom Bibs with pull tags can [ ... read more ]
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