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Which Timing System is best for you?
As you search the web for the timing solutions that are right for you, it's easy to get overwhelmed with your choices. With the many types of races out there, not every timing system will work for every race. That's why we created this detailed guide. Whether you are a timer for road races or cycling races, ACTIVE Network | IPICO has you covered. With this guide you will receive: Suggested Configurations for every rac Complete pricing for timing equipment on all races Tips to grow your revenue with technology Solutions for live-streaming results and more! visit this page to get the guide! [ ... read more ]
July Timer of the Month: Bart Muylle
MyTime began as a group of friends pooling timing equipment for events they were organising all across New Zealand, but today it has grown into one of the largest full service timing teams with around 140 events per season. From Road Races to Cycling, Kayaking and SUP Bart Muylle and his team do it all! Read on to get insight on how Bart sets up his races and why he loves his job! Q: Tell us a little about MyTime. A: Back in 2006 we were helping to organise a few events around NZ and that season we did results manually including for some triathlons. Needless to say, that was pretty painful and we found it a huge challenge to get results up online quickly for the participants to check. Not wanting a repeat, we [ ... read more ]
Why You’re Going to Love the TUHF Reader

We wanted to make learning about TUHF as easy and enjoyable as using it.

So, take a scroll through our infographic introduction to the new kid on the endurance timing block:

TUHF-Ipico Infographic




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