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The Differences in Dual Frequency, Ultra High Frequency and Low Frequency RFID Technologies
Contemplating becoming a chip timer?  Among other considerations, you may want to research the benefits of different RFID timing systems.  Investing time in understanding the various RFID technologies will help ensure you choose the right system for the types of events you are aiming to time and score.     RFID Technology Overview Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology allows events to capture event participant times by linking each participant to a transponder (timing chip) with a unique code and using radio waves to communicate between the timing chips and mats or antennas located along a race course. Producing timely and accurate results in a race environment is often a challenge. [ ... read more ]
  Scoring a World Marathon Major event may be the pinnacle of achievements held by only a handful of event timers. Japanese timing company R-bies Corporation has used IPICO timing hardware for nine years and has been timing the Tokyo Marathon with this technology since 2011.  Continuously striving for perfection, R-bies triumphed in 2015 with only two missed tags in a field of over 35,000 runners.     Click below for a technical analysis of the timing hardware, manpower, and read statistics for the 2015 Tokyo Marathon.  Tokyo Marathon whitepaper   [ ... read more ]
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