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       In our last post, we highlighted how Race Timer, Greg Stuart of Stuart Road Racing built his amazing timing career. We also spoke to him about his favorite timing hardware and Stuart revealed to us that even though he started out with IPICO’s Elite Reader, he’s much more comfortable with the Super Elite Reader. Read our interview to find out what he likes best about the new Super Elite Reader! IPICO: Why did you decide to purchase the Super Elite Reader? Stuart: I had one event that was going to require three separate chip-timed finish lines.  It was a canoe race with three different distances – recreational, competitive canoe & kayak and a biathlon canoe & run.  IPICO: [ ... read more ]
      Greg Stuart’s passion for racing is evident by his treasure trove of fun stories as a race timer. His foray into timing started in 1970 with the purchase of his very first stopwatch. “I still have the stopwatch which is now an antique!” says Stuart. But his career really took off in 1999 when his eldest daughter joined her high school’s cross country track team. “I started helping with splits and timing meets,” he explained.      Nowadays, he is equally busy timing 5Ks, cross country meets and track meets. Stuart’s enthusiasm for racing came from his own background as a runner. “I love all running events. I’m a life-long runner. I have a long distance [ ... read more ]
Enhance Your Race with Custom Shoe Tags

IPICO timers are closely working with event directors to produce a heightened experience for race participants and sponsors using custom shoe tags.

Click the image below to see some great examples.

enhance your race with custom shoe tags_2

A Race Timer’s Guide to Planning a 5K
      Planning a 5K event is no easy feat, even for an experienced race timer. An endurance event is full of nitty-gritty details that requires a hands-on team to get it all done. And for those of us in the finish line community used to taking charge of just one area of the race process, it requires a bit of mental and logistical preparing.     If you’re looking to start your own endurance events or add race directing services to your timing business, here’s an easy primer to organizing your first 5K, from start to finish. Our guide to planning a 5K race  provides actionable tips and tricks to help timing managers and endurance event organizers make sound business decisions, [ ... read more ]
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