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Willamette University embeds their IPICO antenna
This summer the Willamette University Track & Field Facilities got a face-lift. Part of the project was a new surface for Charles Bowles Track. While resurfacing the track, we decided to take this opportunity to embed RFID antennas for our IPICO Sports Timing system. With the antennas embedded in the track, we will be able to use tags to keep track of laps in the 10k and large fields in the distance races. Here are some photos of the track finish line after the IPICO Sports timing system RFID antennas have been completely covered. Eventually the wires will be put under the turf and into the communications box at the finish line. Take a look at photos of the installation below, or see all the photos of the project [ ... read more ]
Product Showcase : Integrated Test Tag
INTEGRATED TEST TAG The integrated test tag has 2 main functions; to measure the field strength of the TX (Transmit) loops and to test the RX (Receiving) loops of the mats. The Integrated Test Tag is highly recommended to ensure your mats are working properly. Field strength- measure the relative field strength of the TX loops a. Get a power-up field envelope across a mat(s) setup. It will quickly help you to see if mat fields are opposing each other or if you have a faulty mat. b. Use the field strength to check if you have enough field to power up a Shoe Tag and or Bib Tag at defined heights above the mat. Receiver sensitivity- to test the RX loops By pressing the blue or orange button [ ... read more ]
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