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IPICO Sports Bib Tags Released in Q3
In January at the North American Regional Users Group Meeting in Houston, IPICO Sports launched its new disposable bib tag.   Excitement quickly spread as everyone got their hands on the new form factor. After many months of industry speculation, IPICO finally unveiled a disposable tag solution. Following extensive R&D, the US Olympic Trials Marathon seemed like the perfect venue for one final and very public test. The results were overwhelming. IPICO customer and Owner of “Run the East” in North Carolina, Jamie Orr one of the early adopters of the bib tag says: “We have used the new bib tags at 3 races now and have been quite pleased. Our read rates have been between 99.9% and 100% and both the race [ ... read more ]
IPICO Sports at the London 2012 Olympic Games
The London 2012 Olympic Games are now in the history books, with athletes starting their travel home after a thrilling two weeks.  So how did Great Britain fare in putting on these Games? The answer is simple – the first word in Great Britain – great. Everything was first class.  The Brits outdid every expectation in every facet of the Olympic Games. GLENN'S TOP TEN GREATS OF THE 2012 OLYMPICS The games-makers were great – these  volunteers were absolutely splendid.   Up to 70,000 volunteers were selected and very well trained by Olympic partner McDonald’s.  Everyone commented on how friendly and helpful the volunteers were.  They really were the key to making the Games a success. Transportation [ ... read more ]
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