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IPICO Sports: Tags for Turkeys promotion
In time for upcoming holiday events, IPICO Sports invites you to join in the fun and compete for prizes sure to make your Turkey Trot or other Thanksgiving-themed event memorable and more exciting!   The Rules 1. Customer proposals for Custom Turkey Trot tag designs will be submitted first 4 weeks of August (August 1st through August 31st) 2. Customers will need to submit artwork in format listed below during the 3 week proposal period: Resolution/Quality: 300dpi Type: Vector (AI, SVG) [preferred], PNG, or PDF Size: Graphics should measure 4 in (10.16 cm) x 4 in (10.16 cm) 3. IPICO Sports will then take all tag design proposals submitted during the required submission period and display them [ ... read more ]
IPICO Sports: There’s no timing in baseball! Or is there?
A couple of weeks ago, IPICO Sports' equipment was spotted as part of the Major League Baseball All-Star game festivities. Our friends over at Ultramax Events Though not the first time that IPICO Sports has crossed sport lines, this may mark the first occasion of sports mascots being timed by tags. We've included some of the best shots we saw, but feel free to browse the gallery located here, and the results located on the Ultramax Site: here. [ ... read more ]
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