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IPICO Sports in the UK: 2012 BUPA London 10000
Held on 27 May 2012, at the same time that we were at the BolderBoulder 10K, IPICO Sports was also attending and being used to time the 2012 BUPA London 10000, where Mo Farah took top men's honors for the fourth year in a row while Mara Yamauchi took home victory on the women's side. Run on the 2012 London Olympics Marathon course, the Elite field was accompanied by over more than 8,000 additional finishers participating in the event. Final times for the top five winners in each division were: Men 1. Mo Farah - 29:21 2. Arata Fujiwara - 29:24 3. Scott Overall - 29:26 4. Mehretab Soloman - 29:37 5. Kentaro Nakamoto - 29:39 Women 1. Mara Yamauchi - 32:52 2. Caryl Mair Jones - 33:07 3. Yoshimi Ozaki [ ... read more ]
BB10K: IPICO Sports’ 5th Year at BolderBoulder
This last weekend was particularly important here at IPICO Sports, as we (for the 5th year in a row) worked with our friends at The End Result Company to time the Dick's Sporting Goods BolderBoulder 10K, an event that saw the first large-scale debut of IPICO Sports products in 2007. We're very proud to be at this event, a crown-jewel of the American running event stable. Our own Justin Hopper was present and working at the event and shared some pictures from the day. Below are some selections; he'll share some of his stories and insights about the event with us when he's back in the office this week. [ ... read more ]
IPICO Sports in Japan: Ultra Trail Run at Mt. Fuji
Over the weekend of 18-20 May 2012, our friends at R'bies in Japan timed the Ultra Trail Run - Mt. Fuji, a 48-hour event near picturesque Mt. Fuji that featured over 2,000 participants over the course of the two event days. It is a sister event to the Ultra Trail Run du Mont-Blanc which is held in France and Switzerland, and Japan's first 100 mile trail run. Relying on their expertise gained from timing such events as the Tokyo Marathon and many others throughout Japan, the team at R'bies successfully timed the event and, as timing director Motohiko Kato remarked, "I chose your system. You met my expectation wonderfully." The event consists of two races: a 158 kilometer run, the official Mt. Fuji run, and another [ ... read more ]
IPICO Sports Tags: a Fit for All of Your Race Needs!
IPICO Sports can provide products that are fit for all of your event purposes! Watch our promotional video for our tag products to see how we can help you make your next event memorable and truly unique for all of your participants or how we can help make electronic timing a part of your next race. Interested in using  IPICO Sports tag products for your next event? Give us a call at +1 309 672 6442 and see how we can turn your next race into something that your participants will never forget with custom tags or how IPICO Sports can help your bottom line with our other tag offerings. [ ... read more ]
IPICO Sports Returns to Ironman Brasil
May is always a great month at IPICO Sports because we can look back at our history and pick out some very prestigious and key events. While that is true of every month of the year, we'd like to focus on two particular upcoming events that are becoming IPICO Sports perennial favorites, Ironman Brasil 2012 and (at a later date) the BolderBoulder 10K. IPICO Sports equipment was first used at Ironman Brasil in Florianopolis in last year's event by IPICO Sports timer Latin Sports of Sao Paulo. With the 2012 iteration coming up on 27 May, we thought we'd take a look back at some of the media from a year ago to reflect on what last year's event looked like and what Latin Sports has done and is doing for the event this [ ... read more ]
Creative Customers: Silvio Guerra Sports – Bib Tags and the Tour of Ecuador
Latin American customer Silvio Guerra Sports recently timed the Tour of Ecuador and used the newest of our products, the IPICO Sports Bib Tag to do so. The tags were attached to bib numbers worn on the athletes' backs. Ecuadorian news media did a feature on the race. The tags aren't quite visible, but the mats at the finish certainly are. Here's the report. Interested in using the new IPICO Sports Bib Tags? Give us a call at +1 309 672 6442. [ ... read more ]
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