2014 Tokyo Marathon
Around 36,000 runners run through the busy streets that are shut down to traffic, of Metropolitan Tokyo. It is not just the 36,000 chosen runners but the 10,000 volunteers. Over 1,720,000 crowds cheering, numerous supporting sponsors and many others that come together as one to make it happen. Tokyo Marathon unites people and makes a great contribution to provide a dream to our society. Tokyo Marathon: Sunday February 23, 2014 Kenya’s Dickson Chumba and Tirfi Tsegaye smashed the course records at the 2014 Tokyo Marathon on Sunday (23), recording respective times of 2:05:42 and 2:22:23 at the IAAF Gold Label Road Race. Chumba’s winning time is the fastest ever performance in Tokyo, replacing the course [ ... read more ]

2014 IPICO Sports Users Conference
The 2014 IPICO Sports Users Conference at the Tuscany Suites in Las Vegas, NV was a HUGE success. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘grow’. Not only did IPICO Sports continue its tremendous growth as a leading global timing company but our conference grew to record numbers, our global timer base grew throughout the year, and most importantly our timers themselves grew their own businesses. The 2014 IPICO Sports Users Conference allowed our users to learn more technical aspects of the superior technology that they have at their finger tips. It also allowed them to interact and learn from some of the biggest and best timers on the planet. “It’s my first time to attend the IPICO conference and [ ... read more ]

Event Spotlight – 2014 Gran Premio TERNUA 14K
With the slogan “Over the snow and under the stars” a few hundred daring runners gathered January 18, 2014 at the Spanish ski station of Sierra Nevada to participate in the 2014 Gran Premio TERNUA 14K Snow Running. Unfortunately as the 6:30pm race start time was approaching a big snow storm came down with over 35 MPH (60kmh) winds, temperatures as low as 10°F (-12°C) and little to no visibility.     IPICO Sports timer David Morales Santiago of Granada’s GLOBAL-TEMPO task to time such event shared with us an amazing race video along with the message “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”. A must see video: [ ... read more ]

A Christmas Story Run
In the spirit of Christmas and in the spirit of running, we had to let you know of this event. I mean, who hasn't seen this classic movie and what better way to celebrate the holiday then running past or finishing at Ralphie's house. The first Christmas story Run took place Saturday December 7, 2013 in Cleveland, OH timed by our partners Speedy Feet. The race was inspired by the 30th anniversary of the movie "A Christmas Story." The run took you back down Memory Lane to the movie set locations that made this movie famous. Runners dressed up like Ralphie, ran in a Leg Lamp Costume, and jogged in the Bunny Suit that Aunt Clara gave Ralphie for Christmas! Runners and spectators were even treated to hot, Rich [ ... read more ]

IPICO Sports Announces Update to Elite Reader Delta Software
IPICO Sports is pleased to announce the release of its latest software update for the Elite reader, version  This update improves time synchronization among multiple readers, improves the time synchronization when using Dashboard, adds the option to add sequence numbers to the First Seen Last Seen output and many other improvements and fixes.  This update is recommended for all Elite readers. The update is packaged with an update to the IPICO Sports Dashboard Reader management software.  The download and installation of the new Delta update is accomplished through the use of the Dashboard application.  Instructions to perform the update with Dashboard is available at the following location: Elite Reader [ ... read more ]

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